Greer Community Facilities Association


The GCFA provides stewardship for both public and private use of the building.

The entire Greer Meadow was once privately owned. As part of a trade agreement, the meadow lands were acquired for National Forest use, and a parcel of land (between Greer’s Main Street and the meadow) was designated for special community use. This is where the community center is currently built. As this land trade concluded in the 1990s, a nonprofit group was created to provide stewardship for the property. This group is known as the “Greer Community Facilities Association”(GCFA).

Current GCFA Board of Directors

Currently the Greer Community Facilities Association includes the following board of directors:


  • Patricia Mosher,  President
  • Claudia Williams, Treasurer
  • Bill Kurtz, Director
  • Ardis Schildkraut, Director
  • Dia Musante, Director
  • Betty Wade, Director
  • Sandee Freeman, Director
  • Denise Curry, Director
  • Debra Luke, Director
  • Lee Smith, Director
  • Margaret Kurtz, Honorary Director
  • Elvia Wright, Facility Manager

Community Activities

On-going uses of the facility include:

Weekly/Monthly Activities

  • Greer Bridge Club
  • GCFA
  • Greer Civic Association meetings
  • Daily Library use
  • Summer Sunday nondenominational church services

Special Events Include:

  • GCFA auction
  • Music in Greer
  • Potlucks
  • Greer Days
  • 4th of July Bell Ringing
  • GCFA Annual Shindig
  • Movie Nights
  • Chapel
  • Forest Service meetings
  • Apache County meetings
  • FEMA emergency meetings
  • Private weddings
  • Private Family celebrations