Proposed Greer Community General Plan

Introduction to 1st Draft of General Plan Map

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This is the 1st draft of a General Plan Map which is intended to be incorporated in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Community of Greer Arizona. A General Plan Map is a long range planning tool used by Cities, Towns and Communities to serve as direction or a “blueprint” for future development and land use changes. A General Plan Map does not create or change current zoning. It can and should be used to filter, evaluate and direct future rezoning requests or land use changes. As a long range planning tool, General Plan Maps are created to provide direction for future activities over a 10- to 20-year and should be reviewed periodically, generally every 5-10 years.

This is the first time Greer has attempted to create a Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the community was encouraged to consider creating one by Apache County District 3 Supervisor Doyle Shamley and the Planning Department of Apache County. Apache County is currently in the process of updating the County’s Comprehensive Plan which was last updated in 2004 The General Plan Map has 3 land use categories or zones that are shown which correspond to 3 of the zoning categories that have been created for Greer as part of the zoning ordinance that was adopted in 2010, known as Article 6 of the Apache County Zoning Ordinance. The land use categories and a general description of the permitted uses are:

 GR – Greer Residential, allowing 1 dwelling unit per acre (shown in white on the map)

 GCR – Greer Commercial Resort, allowing general commercial uses, overnight lodging uses and up to 8 units of residential units per acre (shown in green on the map)

 GC – Greer Commercial, allowing general commercial uses (shown in pink on the map)
(For a more comprehensive list of the specific uses and development standards associated with each land use zone see Article 6 of the Apache County Zoning Ordinance)

This 1st draft of the General Plan Map started with identifying all the property that has been hard zoned GCR as well as identifying properties that are being used for GC uses today or the recent past (but have not been hard zoned yet by the County). All other property is designated as residential.

Using the existing land uses as a benchmark we reviewed where expansion of these use categories should be best placed based on existing residential development and consideration of the impacts on surrounding properties

For GC (Greer Commercial) uses this task consists of trying to determine where the best place is for commercial needs based on where existing properties are today and where the need will be in the future. Things like access, walkability and impact on neighboring properties are some of the factors that we took into consideration.

GCR (Greer Commercial Resort) uses may be the most sensitive use to designate as this use can include lodging, commercial and multi-family uses. Impacts on neighboring properties such as noise, lighting, access and parking are some of the factors that we took into consideration when considering this use in the mapping process. Also determining how much of this use and how big the sites should be were other considerations that were be part of the process.

This mapping process requires forward looking thinking in terms of 1) the likely need for the various use types, 2) is growth likely to occur and 3) where the best place is for the growth to occur.

We believe we have id0entified property accurately, but it is possible that we have mislabeled, mislocated or omitted property that falls into the GC or GCR category. We hope that through the pubic review and comment process any omissions or errors will be identified, investigated and corrections made where appropriate.

We do want to point out that this 1st Draft of the General Plan Map does not include any “general planning” on the large parcels of land owned directly or indirectly by the Owens family. We do intend for “general planning” to extend to these parcels once input has been received from the family or its representatives.

We also want to note that a few parcels that have been hard zoned GCR are not colored as GCR for General Plan purposes in this 1st Draft due to their isolated location within residential areas.

Now it is your turn, given that it is the Greer Community Plan. We’re seeking public input regarding the general plan designations that are being proposed in this 1st Draft of the General Plan.

 We’re interested in knowing whether you agree or disagree with the amount, size and location of the GC and GCR uses.

 Do we have enough or too much of any of these uses in planning the future needs of the Community over the next 10-20 years?

 What haven’t we considered that we should have?

 While we aren’t expecting that there will be unanimous agreement we are looking for areas where there is significant disagreement. The latter will serve as an opportunity to do further work to find more common ground within the Community.

 In the end we want to bring a supported plan to the County Board of Supervisors to approve.

Please forward any comments you have to All comments will be logged and available for review by the community at the website If appropriate, responses will be provided. Ultimately your feedback will lead to further revisions to the General Plan which will be posted again for further comment.