Our Facility

The Ragel Family Greer Community Center is the ideal location for your special event. 

Greer Community Center Features

We can accommodate groups of up to approx. 106 for group assemblies in the main room plus another 23 in the small meeting room and approx. 80 for group dining. Perfect for meetings, classes, seminars, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, birthdays and other festive functions.

Climate Controlled

for Year Round Comfort

Multiple Rooms

Small (550 sq. ft.) and Large (1685 sq. ft.) Rooms Available

Event Ready

Tables, Chairs, Microphone, and Lectern Available


Refrigerator, Microwave, Sink, Counter Space, and ADA Restrooms with Diaper Changing Tables


Audio-visual Equipment Available for Rent, Wifi May Be Available, UV Room Sanitizer is Installed

Panoramic Views

Large Windows and Patio Overlooking Meadow

Large Meeting Room:

  • 1685 sf. for assembly seating and round table dining
  • Round and square tables, chairs, and lectern
  • Audio-visual equipment and tiny grand piano
  • Refrigerator w/ freezer, microwave, coffee pots
  • Double sink at counter
  • Built in desk space with phone
  • Overhead recessed lighting
  • Track lighting for stage performances
  • Panoramic views to the Greer Meadow
  • Floor to ceiling blinds for sun and privacy
  • Thermostat controlled temperature

Layout Options

Small Meeting Room:

  • 550 sf. flexible for four round tables and seating
  • Round and square tables, chairs, and lectern
  • Gas fireplace
  • Overhead recessed lighting
  • Panoramic views to the Greer Meadow
  • Floor to ceiling blinds for sun and privacy

Uses include:

  •  Small event space
  • Pre-event space with large meeting space
  • After-event space with large meeting space
  • Ongoing support with large meeting room

Meadow Patio:

  • 360 sf. of space for round table dining and seating
  • Potential breakout space with other space uses
  • Round and square tables and chairs
  • Hose bib access
  • Panoramic (column free) views to the meadow
  • Overhead recessed lighting
  • Covered protection

We love partnering with our local library!

Featuring a beautiful view to the Greer Meadow, the Greer Memorial Library is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  We enjoyed many shared activities during the summer months!
Visit their website at https://www.apachecountylibraries.com/greer-memorial-library

Welcome To Greer

Whether you are visiting Greer or live year-round in the area, we would love to connect with you at one of our community events!